About the company

cropped-youtubelogo2.pngEverything Is Connected started as an idea, much like a seed. It didnt know it was going to become EIC, it just knew what it wanted to do in this lifetime. It knew it’s purpose, and so, like most of us, EIC did what it was meant to do, without really knowing it was doing anything specific or that it needed to be called anything. But as time went and the path became brighter, intuition whispered into the ears of EIC. letting it become self aware, allowing it to grow in new ways and also to allow new challenges to approach as well.

EIC is a creative space first and foremost. A realm to inspire and brainstorm amongst creatives and like minded individuals. The goal is always a duality: First, To produce content that matches the client’s intentions and goals and Two, to intertwine the connection between the first goal and the universal understandings of our being. Cows and chickens would not come to me asking to create content for them. This is a game for humankind. However if a bodybuilder wanted exercise videos that resonate their level of passion, we will go deeper than the surface levels to really understand what makes that bodybuilder tick. why are they after these goals? What made them find us? And most importantly, once we know the answers- how to we bring it all to life?

Simple: find the connections.

Officially established in 2018 and located in Central Florida, EIC Studios is designed to accommodate anyone and everyone. We are remote. We are fully functional. Licensed. and downloaded. We feel in the year 2018 business should be as efficient as possible. We all have a smart phone and access to the internet… moving in a backward direction isn’t really our thing (unless it’s for effects!)

Contact EIC today about your Brand, Band, Label, or Fabel. Honestly, we know you have potential to be great… so why waste your time with someone who doesn’t get it?



– Patrick Bosse, Founder