EIC stands for Everything Is Connected.

Founded by Patrick Bosse, this studio production company aims at delivering quality content to the conscious people.

Check out the Audio Meditations, Beats & Instrumentals, or head over to EIC’s very own podcast, The Woke for all of your higher frequency upgrades.


Streaming is free. To download any audio, click the shopping cart icon found in the Soundcloud player frame(in the upper right corner).
*NOTE* any purchases made are for a download of the song file* and NOT the Copyright.

*song files will come in the format of your choosing, all with audio author tags

In Regards to purchasing the copyright to the audio:
You’ll have to negotiate a contract to buy the rights to the song, and your contract should explicitly state that the owner is relinquishing all rights. If the song is a popular one, this could costs hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, so be prepared to negotiate a fair price. You won’t be able to post the song online, play it on a radio station or alter the song in any way until the copyright holder has signed over the rights.

Thank you
EIC Studios