Transitions, Evolutions, and Updates!

Hey everyone, It’s Patrick here from EIC. I wanna let everyone know about a few changes going on over here:

Happy Lunar Eclipse! For me it occurred at 8:25AM, while the sun was up 😦

  1. The Full/New Moon meditations, for now, are taking a sabbatical due to a bigger opportunity arising to put together an album of each phase of the moon and its accordance to a type of meditation and/or frequency. This proves much more efficient as a tool for you, which is what this is all about. It’s been really difficult to attempt to map out every lunar event while keeping up a day job and working as a musician as well. This project will take a few months to complete but it will be worth it.
  2. I mentioned the fact that I was  musician. Which is mostly irrelevant for you to know however that may mean down the road that EIC will evolve into a label. Now that may mean something to you if you are an artist, meditation instructor, or other. More details to come
  3. I am so grateful for each and every one of you following, liking, and commenting on my posts. It means so much that you would find something like this and explore it. The comments have been genuine and thought provoking (which is what inspired #1 actually) and Its a goal of mine to be able to really deliver a service/product that helps to raise the human vibration. Thank you again!

Much love


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