New “Wolf Moon” Meditation available now!

Continuing Celebration from the Winter Solstice and now a Supermoon to ring in a new time of releasing negativity and embracing a more aligned enhanced version of ourselves.

Enjoy this meditation as I approach the affirmations in a slightly different method this time.  I think you’ll enjoy it!

Below are the details of the frequencies used, as well as the affirmations.

35 Hertz – Balance Your Chakras and Enjoy Life

35 Hertz is the frequency at which the middle chakras resonate allowing the flow of energy to the higher and lower chakras from the middle.

By tapping into this frequency, users are better able to achieve a state of balance and improve their flow of energy. The range within this frequency’s sphere of influence are the Throat, Heart, and Solar Plexus Chakras. The full scope of problems that can arise from poorly aligned chakras is still being explored, but can include poor communication, difficulty relating to other people, feelings of restlessness, and trouble concentrating.

Recording Highlights:

  • Spiritual Replenishment
  • Better Communication
  • Stronger Body
  • Stronger Mind

33 Hertz – Christ Consciousness

33 Hertz is in perfect sync with sacred geometry, allowing users to tap into the Christ consciousness and see reality as it truly is, improve empathy, and develop their own spiritual practices and identity.

33 hz is one of the key activation frequencies that sacred sites resonate at and the most natural frequency of consciousness for humans. This is also the precise frequency that resonates from within the burial chamber of the Pyramid at Giza

Recording Highlights:

  • Improve Spiritual Resonance
  • Achieve Higher Consciousness
  • Feel Empathy Towards Others

83 Hertz – Open the Third Eye

83 Hz is a frequency often used in meditation in order to help open the third eye.

The third eye is also commonly called the inner eye, and it can provide individuals with more knowledge than what could be comprehended by average people, and can include spiritual meanings to life.

Using this frequency can help improve an individuals spiritual energy and the related benefits that come with this such as increased intuition and perception.

Recording Highlights:

  • Opening of the Third Eye
  • Improved Intuition
  • Improved Perception
  • Astral Projection
  • Lucid Dreaming

183.58 Hz – Used For Growth and Success

183.58 Hertz is a frequency that is associated with Jupiter and can bring growth and success.

Recording Highlights:

  • Success
  • Growth
  • Creative Power
  • Generosity

396 Hz** – Pure Frequency Associated used for Liberating Guilt and Fear

396 Hertz has been shown to help with liberating guilt and fear in some people.

Recording Highlights:

  • Eliminate Fear
  • Reduce Guilt

741 Hz – Awakening Intuition

852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order

What you are listening to is a series of tonal arrangements called binaural beats. 

These specific beats are tuned to the theta brain waves that suggest  enhanced abilities concerning meditation, intuition and memory. As you listen to this audio , these frequencies will allow you to increase your mental clarity and even begin rejuvenation on multiple levels. 

You’ll want to be wearing headphones, in an environment where you will not be disturbed for the duration of this meditation. 

It is also suggested to be in a dark room, or wear something to prevent light towards your eyes as darkness helps to release melatonin from your pineal gland, which has been said to allow you better use and adaption of your third eye

This meditation is to honor the first full moon of the year but also A time to give closure to energies of the past, to let go of old attachments. And instead, return to the idea of the seed and go within. To grow. To evolve. A full moon’s energies will always enhance these efforts.

And so take this time now to collapse into yourself. Breathe deeply and with awareness, and begin to notice the weight of your feet. Feel the weight of gravity’s pull on your legs, your hips your spine, gravity’s pull on your hands, your arms, shoulders, your entire physical body

And as you feel this rooting taking place you can now begin to recognize the space within yourself. The essence of your being within the physical body now existing within awareness. A beautiful awareness. This is you. In the beginning and the end. Infinite and Universal. Take a few moments to revel in your own magic

Here in this space, is where you create your reality of the world around you. Here is where everything vibrates outward and manifests. Your control center if you will. 

I want you to take a moment and scan your body as if you were inside a vessel making sure everything is in order. How do you feel? Does anything feel unbalanced or weakened? We are never perfect in this physical form and that is more than ok. These are temporary bodies that do us well in the lifetime they have. 

Bring your attention to anything that feels unbalanced, or off… is there stress of strain between muscles? Does your spine feel tight? Whatever it may be, take this moment now and send positive energy and healing love to that area. Mentally focus on that area and generate the feelings of love and healing and imagine those feelings are tangible elements that come into being and you are willing them into the area as a soothing lotion would be applied to rough skin. The more emotion you can generate towards the healing and love of your body the better. Do this now. 

It is important to take care of our bodies in every way we can. But always from the inside first as we are organic living beings. Our minds are so incredibly powerful when it comes to our condition. We know that negativity can manifest into sickness and cancer just like other carcinogens. And in this moment now, we are going to cleanse our mind of as many negative thoughts as possible. 

Take a deep breathe in and as you do so imagine that you are pulling forth the vibrancy and love and light of the world around you. Just for a moment to help you cleanse and it will return back once you are done. Fill your being with this energy and feel it. And then exhale out the ideas of doubt, the ideas of injustice, the darkness. Exhale all that does not serve you and as this happens the energy recycles itself back into the earth to make new light energy. Continue to breath in a slow circular motion while creating this cycle of removing negative energy. 

Often the mind responds better to letting go of something as opposed to not wanting it to continue. The latter idea suggests continued focus on the vibration of that which doesn’t serve you. The first however, focuses on the action of letting go. 

And so we let go

In the past year we have taken on many challenges, many trials have been laid out before us. And some felt worse than others. Know that this was done to make you stronger. To push you further. To bring you closer to the truest version of you. In life we often break down to rebuild and so it is with our character as well. This is our moment to complete the break down and begin the building of the stronger, smarter, truer version that is you. When we bring our outer image in line with our inner being, our entire frequency as a vibration raises. As a result Life itself feels better. 

As we move forward from these precious moments. We take all that we have experienced and we focus it into the scope of our future. This is the time to call into existence the person you are striving to be. Take a few moments to visualize everything about the person you are going to become. Without boundary. Without any sort of limitation just begin to imagine every last detail of your future self. The one closest to your soul. The one that brings you the most happiness. 

The remainder of this meditation is for you to bring that person into existence. Take as much time as you’d like to create  every detail. It can only help you. And come back to this meditation often as its frequencies and positive suggestions will give your thoughts more velocity thus helping you become who you’ve wanted to be, in much less time.  “

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