The 2017 Winter Solstice

Please enjoy this custom meditation based on the frequencies of the chakras combined with binaural audio to help your mind expand its awareness of self.

This winter solstice will bring out the extreme polarization of humanity becomes tangible and noticeable

Polarization and realization – these are the best words to use to explain this phenomenon

The new fifth-dimensional Time line was split off from the original third-dimensional Time line of our chronological history.

A dimension is a layer of reality, which is based on a range of vibrational frequencies. The third dimension is the physical realm. It’s the realm of dense form. The fourth dimension is the astral realm, one of emotion, illusion and distortion. It’s the realm of the sub-conscious mind – our dream world. The fifth dimension, the etheric realm, is a dimension of spiritual truth. And, as a conscious, living being, the planet Earth exists in all of these dimensions.

And, because its higher frequencies move at a faster vibration, it is beginning to pull away.

Long ago, we divided unity down the middle to create Choice. This duality goes against Oneness. So, as we move further into the energy reverberations of 2012 (from 12/21/12’s solstice energy) and more Love floods into the planet, duality is gradually being squeezed out. And, now we are learning not to judge ourselves or one another, or even the experiences in our lives. Many people think that means they must remain neutral and stay in the middle.

But there will be no ‘middle’…

Learn more about this and the winter solstice rebirth experience on Episode 03 of The Woke hosted by Patrick Bosse. The Woke has a new episode every Thursday night at 11:00pm Eastern Standard Time, on, or

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