December 18th New Moon Meditation now available

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As the next New Moon approaches, I found an article from forever that really said it well. here’s an excerpt:

” December’s New Moon energy is fiery, motivated, and passionate. All of this energy is going to help us close up 2017 with a bang, and to welcome in the new vibration that 2018 has in store for us.

2018 is going to be a year of building and laying down foundations. Essentially, we are all going to be able to take the new beginning we have been given and start integrating and building on it.

The Sagittarius New Moon is a busy one, and will be awakening and activating all of us on multiple levels. This is a high energy time, and we are going to feel an acceleration, almost like all of our projects and the things that we have been working on are going to speed up and intensify.

This New Moon is also significant as it falls just one degree from the Galactic Center. In astrology, the Galactic Center is believed to hold a powerful force that delivers energy upgrades and rapid awakenings.

This energy is definitely present under the December New Moon and it seems that we will all receive an awakening of some form. One some level, this awakening will allow us to integrate the person we once were with the person we are today.”

The more you can view life as an experience, and the more you embrace what has come your way, the more exciting and hopeful the year ahead is going to be feel.

read the rest of the article here


Here’s what’s inside this meditation:

(RIGHT EAR ONLY) 38 Hertz – Stimulate Your Brain’s Endorphin Centers

38 Hertz is the frequency at which the brain releases pleasure giving endorphins to help with pain relief, reward chemical behaviors such as eating, and to help the brain recognize enjoyment.

When the brain resonates with this frequency, it becomes susceptible to releasing endorphins for help with pain management or increased enjoyment of daily activities.

Recording Highlights:

  • Relieve pain
  • Increase Enjoyment
  • Kick Addiction

Usage And Suggestions:

Because endorphin release can be an intensely positive experience, it’s recommended that you save the recording for when you are in a relaxed environment and can truly allow yourself to enjoy it. It’s also recommended you keep a copy at hand on an MP3 player so you can enjoy it as needed throughout your day.

(LEFT EAR ONLY) 35 Hertz – Balance Your Chakras and Enjoy Life

35 Hertz is the frequency at which the middle chakras resonate allowing the flow of energy to the higher and lower chakras from the middle.

By tapping into this frequency, users are better able to achieve a state of balance and improve their flow of energy. The range within this frequency’s sphere of influence are the Throat, Heart, and Solar Plexus Chakras. The full scope of problems that can arise from poorly aligned chakras is still being explored, but can include poor communication, difficulty relating to other people, feelings of restlessness, and trouble concentrating.

Recording Highlights:

  • Spiritual Replenishment
  • Better Communication
  • Stronger Body
  • Stronger Mind

Usage And Suggestions:

This frequency is best used when chakras show evidence of being out of balance or in conjunction with normal meditative practices. Ideally it should be used in a quiet environment where the process is less likely to be interrupted. By properly aligning your chakras, you will immediately begin to notice positive changes. Blocks that impeded your choices will be removed from your path. Your overall feelings of health and identity will improve. You will find empathizing and communicating with others to be far easier than when your chakras were unbalanced.

526 Hz – Pure Frequency Used for Spirit, Liberation, Transcendence, Speech and Creativity

526 Hertz is a frequency that is associated with the top of the head and the mouth.

These associations bring with it several desired effects including a strong spirit, liberation, transcendence from the top of the head and creativity and strong speech from the mouth.

Recording Highlights:

  • Creativity
  • Speech
  • Liberation
  • Spirit
  • Transcendence

Usage And Suggestions:

We recommend this frequency to anyone who is getting ready to give a speech, especially a creative speech. It is also good for anyone wishing to become more spiritual.

315.8 Hz – Brain Function Frequency!

315.8 Hertz is a frequency that is directly associated with the brain.

It is often used by people who are looking to promote the proper functioning of the brain because it can help return your brain’s frequencies to it’s normal operating levels.

Recording Highlights:

  • Associated with the Brain
  • Promotes Proper Brain Function

Usage And Suggestions:

Due to the association with the brain, you may want to consider using this frequency if you’re interested in maintaining information and good overall brain functioning.

183.58 Hz – Used For Growth and Success

183.58 Hertz is a frequency that is associated with Jupiter and can bring growth and success.

Recording Highlights:

  • Success
  • Growth
  • Creative Power
  • Generosity

Usage And Suggestions:

We suggest you use this frequency during times of growth in your life. This could be when getting ready for a promotion or applying for a new job. Any time where you need help and guidance- this is the perfect frequency. Bring in your car and listen to frequency through (Aux) port on your way into work.

70 Hertz – Pure Frequency Associated with Inner Exploration

70 Hertz is the frequency experienced by users who wish to explore Astral Projection in a far different way, pulling into themselves for deep introspection.

Recording Highlights:

  • Gain Superior Self Knowledge
  •  Explore Imaginative Ideas
  •  Improved Self Identity

Usage And Suggestions:

This is a frequency within the vocal spectrum that allows users to pull into themselves and explore their own thoughts in a more substantive environment. Because this frequency brings about a state similar to Astral Projection, some users have reported having astral experiences while others suggest these are merely an alternate interpretation of experiencing consciousness in its purest form. By resonating with the 70 Hz range, users will be able to pull themselves into their own minds and experience intense meditative and dreamlike states similar to those experienced by Shamans. We recommend using this frequency in an environment where users wish to connect with their own thought processes and examine their identities outside of the physical world we live in.


Thank you to for the frequency information breakdown

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