The Best Frequencies to relax to

Well, You’ve been asking and so I had the time finally to do some research and these are a few of the more promising frequencies that induce feelings of relaxation.

30 Hz- Pure Frequency Used For Marijuana Effects

30 Hertz is said to replicate the effects of Marijuana and produce the same feelings of being high on THC. Euphoria, paranoia, and outer body experiences have all been reported from exposure to 30 Hertz.

30 Hertz gained popularity after the early studies on “Neuro-electric therapy and opiate addiction” by Dr. Meg Patterson, were posted on the web. Her tests on patients exposed to 30 Hertz suggested that this particular frequency had the ability to create feelings of being high on Marijuana. She is “recognised as a pioneer in the field of electro-medicine” and has a growing fan base in online frequency circles.


Recording Highlights: 

Use as Sleep Aid
Vivid Imagery
Libido Improvement


Usage And Suggestions:

Never use this particular frequency when your operating machinery because it’s possible to experience vertigo and disorientation from this particular recording. Don’t use this particular frequency after a long night of drinking as “the spins” could be in your cards. Also, when using this particular frequency try a slow breathing exercise to slow your heart beat and relax your nerves. Like with any frequency you need to allow it to penetrate your bodies own naturally occuring energy field. If you are emitting higher Brain waves it will take longer to work.


965 Hz – Pure Frequency is used to Relax Muscles

965 Hertz is a frequency that has been used to help relax people’s muscles. This is especially useful for the muscles in the neck.

Recording Highlights: 

Relieves Muscle Tension
Pain Reliever

Usage And Suggestions:

Try using this recording after a workout or other strenuous exercise for relief of muscle tension, especially in the neck region. All matter including your muscles vibrate at their own rhythm and it’s possible to slow that rhythm down by frequency therapy. Upload into your MP3 player and listen to on your way home from the gym, or use if you suffer pain from sitting down all day. You should experience quick relief from this recording it dosen’t require time and effort like others.


136.1 Hz – Pure Frequency used for Relaxation

136.1 Hz is a frequency that resonates with the Earth and has been associated with light, warmth and joy. Those who use this frequency often experience a calming sensation sometimes described as centering, meditative or just relaxing.
This tone corresponds to the medatative “OM” or the “Amen” said in Christian churches. It is easy to see, therefore, that this frequency can bring out strong spiritual sensations as well.

Recording Highlights: 

Feelings of Warmth and Joy
Spiritual wellness

Usage And Suggestions:

This is the perfect frequency to use while relaxing on the beach, or meditating or even praying. You might want to use this particular frequency just before going to church to get into a more spiritual frame of mind.


Binaural Beats Range: 4–7 Hz Theta waves – deep meditation/relaxation, NREM sleep


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