The 2017 Winter Solstice

Please enjoy this custom meditation based on the frequencies of the chakras combined with binaural audio to help your mind expand its awareness of self.

This winter solstice will bring out the extreme polarization of humanity becomes tangible and noticeable

Polarization and realization – these are the best words to use to explain this phenomenon

The new fifth-dimensional Time line was split off from the original third-dimensional Time line of our chronological history.

A dimension is a layer of reality, which is based on a range of vibrational frequencies. The third dimension is the physical realm. It’s the realm of dense form. The fourth dimension is the astral realm, one of emotion, illusion and distortion. It’s the realm of the sub-conscious mind – our dream world. The fifth dimension, the etheric realm, is a dimension of spiritual truth. And, as a conscious, living being, the planet Earth exists in all of these dimensions.

And, because its higher frequencies move at a faster vibration, it is beginning to pull away.

Long ago, we divided unity down the middle to create Choice. This duality goes against Oneness. So, as we move further into the energy reverberations of 2012 (from 12/21/12’s solstice energy) and more Love floods into the planet, duality is gradually being squeezed out. And, now we are learning not to judge ourselves or one another, or even the experiences in our lives. Many people think that means they must remain neutral and stay in the middle.

But there will be no ‘middle’…

Learn more about this and the winter solstice rebirth experience on Episode 03 of The Woke hosted by Patrick Bosse. The Woke has a new episode every Thursday night at 11:00pm Eastern Standard Time, on, or

Emotions Link Sound to Color

This post is a culmination of articles found in public domain and written by certified professionals in a medical or psychological science

Music–color associations are mediated by emotion.

Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky literally saw sounds and heard colors. The artist is believed to have had synaesthesia, a harmless condition where people experience sounds, colors, or words simultaneously through several senses. Kandinsky used this gift to create what many believe are the world’s first abstract paintings.

Most of us do not experience sound in this way. Evidence is mounting, however, that we do link our senses, and tie emotions, colors, and sounds together in predictable ways. Psychologists from the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Guadalajara report on these associations in a new PNAS Early Edition paper.

Experimental evidence demonstrates robust cross-modal matches between music and colors that are mediated by emotional associations. US and Mexican participants chose colors that were most/least consistent with 18 selections of classical orchestral music by Bach, Mozart, and Brahms. In both cultures, faster music in the major mode produced color choices that were more saturated, lighter, and yellower whereas slower, minor music produced the opposite pattern (choices that were desaturated, darker, and bluer). There were strong correlations (0.89 < r < 0.99) between the emotional associations of the music and those of the colors chosen to go with the music, supporting an emotional mediation hypothesis in both cultures.

To dive into these associations, Palmer and his colleagues* conducted three experiments. In the first they explored how dimensions of color (such as saturation, lightness, and yellowness or blueness) associate with musical dimensions (tempo, major or minor chords).

*Stephen E. Palmer,a,1 Karen B. Schloss,a Zoe Xu,a and Lilia R. Prado-Leónb

They then explore how emotionally expressive faces are assigned colors, and finally how those emotions are associated with music. Each experiment was done twice: once with study subjects from the United States, once with subjects from Mexico. Despite slight differences (Mexican participants chose somewhat lighter, yellower, and greener colors than US participants) the patterns reported were the same in each country and may, the researchers suggest, be universal.”

When viewing faces, participants linked moderately light, slightly cool colors (light blues and greens) with neutral or calm faces. Sad faces looked darker and cooler (bluish or deep greenish gray). Happy faces seemed brightly colored and warm (yellows, oranges and reds, in both vivid and pastel colors). Angry faces were were associated with dark, rather reddish colors.

How might music-to-color associations occur in nonsynesthetes? The two most plausible hypotheses are (i) the direct connection hypothesis that there are direct, unmediated associations between colors and musical sounds and (ii) the emotional mediation hypothesis that color and music are linked through shared emotional associations.  Although some empirical support has been claimed for hypothesis ii, the small sets of colors and/or descriptors, the small set of musical selections, and the potential relevance of cultural comparisons preclude firm conclusions.

The experiment opens a host intriguing questions. Where do cross-modal associations (“hearing color” for instance) come from? How are they processed in the brain? Do the results generalize beyond classical orchestral music to non-western music? Do music-color synesthetes have the same associations as the rest of us?


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December 18th New Moon Meditation now available

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As the next New Moon approaches, I found an article from forever that really said it well. here’s an excerpt:

” December’s New Moon energy is fiery, motivated, and passionate. All of this energy is going to help us close up 2017 with a bang, and to welcome in the new vibration that 2018 has in store for us.

2018 is going to be a year of building and laying down foundations. Essentially, we are all going to be able to take the new beginning we have been given and start integrating and building on it.

The Sagittarius New Moon is a busy one, and will be awakening and activating all of us on multiple levels. This is a high energy time, and we are going to feel an acceleration, almost like all of our projects and the things that we have been working on are going to speed up and intensify.

This New Moon is also significant as it falls just one degree from the Galactic Center. In astrology, the Galactic Center is believed to hold a powerful force that delivers energy upgrades and rapid awakenings.

This energy is definitely present under the December New Moon and it seems that we will all receive an awakening of some form. One some level, this awakening will allow us to integrate the person we once were with the person we are today.”

The more you can view life as an experience, and the more you embrace what has come your way, the more exciting and hopeful the year ahead is going to be feel.

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Here’s what’s inside this meditation:

(RIGHT EAR ONLY) 38 Hertz – Stimulate Your Brain’s Endorphin Centers

38 Hertz is the frequency at which the brain releases pleasure giving endorphins to help with pain relief, reward chemical behaviors such as eating, and to help the brain recognize enjoyment.

When the brain resonates with this frequency, it becomes susceptible to releasing endorphins for help with pain management or increased enjoyment of daily activities.

Recording Highlights:

  • Relieve pain
  • Increase Enjoyment
  • Kick Addiction

Usage And Suggestions:

Because endorphin release can be an intensely positive experience, it’s recommended that you save the recording for when you are in a relaxed environment and can truly allow yourself to enjoy it. It’s also recommended you keep a copy at hand on an MP3 player so you can enjoy it as needed throughout your day.

(LEFT EAR ONLY) 35 Hertz – Balance Your Chakras and Enjoy Life

35 Hertz is the frequency at which the middle chakras resonate allowing the flow of energy to the higher and lower chakras from the middle.

By tapping into this frequency, users are better able to achieve a state of balance and improve their flow of energy. The range within this frequency’s sphere of influence are the Throat, Heart, and Solar Plexus Chakras. The full scope of problems that can arise from poorly aligned chakras is still being explored, but can include poor communication, difficulty relating to other people, feelings of restlessness, and trouble concentrating.

Recording Highlights:

  • Spiritual Replenishment
  • Better Communication
  • Stronger Body
  • Stronger Mind

Usage And Suggestions:

This frequency is best used when chakras show evidence of being out of balance or in conjunction with normal meditative practices. Ideally it should be used in a quiet environment where the process is less likely to be interrupted. By properly aligning your chakras, you will immediately begin to notice positive changes. Blocks that impeded your choices will be removed from your path. Your overall feelings of health and identity will improve. You will find empathizing and communicating with others to be far easier than when your chakras were unbalanced.

526 Hz – Pure Frequency Used for Spirit, Liberation, Transcendence, Speech and Creativity

526 Hertz is a frequency that is associated with the top of the head and the mouth.

These associations bring with it several desired effects including a strong spirit, liberation, transcendence from the top of the head and creativity and strong speech from the mouth.

Recording Highlights:

  • Creativity
  • Speech
  • Liberation
  • Spirit
  • Transcendence

Usage And Suggestions:

We recommend this frequency to anyone who is getting ready to give a speech, especially a creative speech. It is also good for anyone wishing to become more spiritual.

315.8 Hz – Brain Function Frequency!

315.8 Hertz is a frequency that is directly associated with the brain.

It is often used by people who are looking to promote the proper functioning of the brain because it can help return your brain’s frequencies to it’s normal operating levels.

Recording Highlights:

  • Associated with the Brain
  • Promotes Proper Brain Function

Usage And Suggestions:

Due to the association with the brain, you may want to consider using this frequency if you’re interested in maintaining information and good overall brain functioning.

183.58 Hz – Used For Growth and Success

183.58 Hertz is a frequency that is associated with Jupiter and can bring growth and success.

Recording Highlights:

  • Success
  • Growth
  • Creative Power
  • Generosity

Usage And Suggestions:

We suggest you use this frequency during times of growth in your life. This could be when getting ready for a promotion or applying for a new job. Any time where you need help and guidance- this is the perfect frequency. Bring in your car and listen to frequency through (Aux) port on your way into work.

70 Hertz – Pure Frequency Associated with Inner Exploration

70 Hertz is the frequency experienced by users who wish to explore Astral Projection in a far different way, pulling into themselves for deep introspection.

Recording Highlights:

  • Gain Superior Self Knowledge
  •  Explore Imaginative Ideas
  •  Improved Self Identity

Usage And Suggestions:

This is a frequency within the vocal spectrum that allows users to pull into themselves and explore their own thoughts in a more substantive environment. Because this frequency brings about a state similar to Astral Projection, some users have reported having astral experiences while others suggest these are merely an alternate interpretation of experiencing consciousness in its purest form. By resonating with the 70 Hz range, users will be able to pull themselves into their own minds and experience intense meditative and dreamlike states similar to those experienced by Shamans. We recommend using this frequency in an environment where users wish to connect with their own thought processes and examine their identities outside of the physical world we live in.


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The Best Frequencies to relax to

Well, You’ve been asking and so I had the time finally to do some research and these are a few of the more promising frequencies that induce feelings of relaxation.

30 Hz- Pure Frequency Used For Marijuana Effects

30 Hertz is said to replicate the effects of Marijuana and produce the same feelings of being high on THC. Euphoria, paranoia, and outer body experiences have all been reported from exposure to 30 Hertz.

30 Hertz gained popularity after the early studies on “Neuro-electric therapy and opiate addiction” by Dr. Meg Patterson, were posted on the web. Her tests on patients exposed to 30 Hertz suggested that this particular frequency had the ability to create feelings of being high on Marijuana. She is “recognised as a pioneer in the field of electro-medicine” and has a growing fan base in online frequency circles.


Recording Highlights: 

Use as Sleep Aid
Vivid Imagery
Libido Improvement


Usage And Suggestions:

Never use this particular frequency when your operating machinery because it’s possible to experience vertigo and disorientation from this particular recording. Don’t use this particular frequency after a long night of drinking as “the spins” could be in your cards. Also, when using this particular frequency try a slow breathing exercise to slow your heart beat and relax your nerves. Like with any frequency you need to allow it to penetrate your bodies own naturally occuring energy field. If you are emitting higher Brain waves it will take longer to work.


965 Hz – Pure Frequency is used to Relax Muscles

965 Hertz is a frequency that has been used to help relax people’s muscles. This is especially useful for the muscles in the neck.

Recording Highlights: 

Relieves Muscle Tension
Pain Reliever

Usage And Suggestions:

Try using this recording after a workout or other strenuous exercise for relief of muscle tension, especially in the neck region. All matter including your muscles vibrate at their own rhythm and it’s possible to slow that rhythm down by frequency therapy. Upload into your MP3 player and listen to on your way home from the gym, or use if you suffer pain from sitting down all day. You should experience quick relief from this recording it dosen’t require time and effort like others.


136.1 Hz – Pure Frequency used for Relaxation

136.1 Hz is a frequency that resonates with the Earth and has been associated with light, warmth and joy. Those who use this frequency often experience a calming sensation sometimes described as centering, meditative or just relaxing.
This tone corresponds to the medatative “OM” or the “Amen” said in Christian churches. It is easy to see, therefore, that this frequency can bring out strong spiritual sensations as well.

Recording Highlights: 

Feelings of Warmth and Joy
Spiritual wellness

Usage And Suggestions:

This is the perfect frequency to use while relaxing on the beach, or meditating or even praying. You might want to use this particular frequency just before going to church to get into a more spiritual frame of mind.


Binaural Beats Range: 4–7 Hz Theta waves – deep meditation/relaxation, NREM sleep