New Moon Instrumental Now Available

“After a year of trials, challenges and growing pains, we are now ready to access deeper levels of our soul and step into a new potential.

By peeling back the layers and uncovering a new layer, we can not only transform our lives but we can also gain a deeper understanding of who we really are and what journey or lessons our soul has come here to share.”


What’s in this meditation:

630 Hz – Pure Frequency is Reported to be One of the Keely Frequencies

630 Hertz is one of the frequencies that is reported as one that John Worley Keely used.

John Worley Keely discovered the creative uses of musical frequencies in the late 19th century and accomplished many amazing feats that defied conventional physics and counfounded the academics of his day.

Recording Highlights:

•Famous Frequency

•Musical Implications


83 Hertz – Open the Third Eye

83 Hz is a frequency often used in meditation in order to help open the third eye. The third eye is also commonly called the inner eye, and it can provide individuals with more knowledge than what could be comprehended by average people, and can include spiritual meanings to life.

Using this frequency can help improve an individuals spiritual energy and the related benefits that come with this such as increased intuition and perception.

Recording Highlights:

•Opening of the Third Eye

•Improved Intuition

•Improved Perception

•Astral Projection

•Lucid Dreaming

417 Hz – Pure Frequency used for Facilitating Change

417 Hertz is a frequency which has been shown to help facilitate change or undo negative situations.

Recording Highlights:

•Facilitating Change

•Undoing Situations

33 Hertz – Christ Consciousness

33 Hertz is in perfect sync with sacred geometry, allowing users to tap into the Christ consciousness and see reality as it truly is, improve empathy, and develop their own spiritual practices and identity.

33 hz is one of the key activation frequencies that sacred sites resonate at and the most natural frequency of consciousness for humans. This is also the precise frequency that resonates from within the burial chamber of the Pyramid at Giza

Recording Highlights:

•Improve Spiritual Resonance

•Achieve Higher Consciousness

•Feel Empathy Towards Others



Frequency selection

Flute sound –

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