Special New Moon meditation…with intense after effects

I created this meditation in honor of the new moon, but didn’t realize when it was finished how intense it would actually be. CAUTION: This meditation will affect you in powerful ways. For me, I noticed my heart beat climbed from in the 50-55bpm range up to 93 bpm, as well as afterward I felt strangely renewed and more…powerful? Play this at your own risk! AS always, listening with headphones on will give you the best experience.

For this meditation I used 396Hz and 405Hz to create a binaural beat of 9Hz – right in the Alpha Wave category. Increasing alpha brain waves can stimulate creativity and minimize depression. Also, the tone 396Hz is both a Solfeggio frequency AND the resonant tone of the Sacral Chakra, which is what this new moon is most speaking to. The October 19th New Moon falls in the sign of Libra and will be calling on all of us to find balance in our lives.

The 70Hz tone is special. By resonating with the 70 Hz range, users will be able to pull themselves into their own minds and experience intense meditative and dreamlike states similar to those experienced by Shamans. We recommend using this frequency in an environment where users wish to connect with their own thought processes and examine their identities outside of the physical world we live in.

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 7.19.10 PM

Please enjoy tonight’s dedicated meditation.  The affirmations for it are listen below:

During this planet’s new moon I feel the greatness take ahold of my spiritual being where I begin to download the knowledge of the universe

Who I am is infinite and without the binds of time,

I choose to be within this physical body at this very time.

I have done this for a reason I may know now, or have chosen to allow myself to discover during this lifetime.

Here in this now, I am receiving the very glory of wealth, honor, and abundance when and only when I choose to allow the unexpected into my physical reality.

This requires me to give up ideas and beliefs of how things should look externally

and completely trust my Higher Divine Light.

I can feel my Divine light every time I revel in the emotion of love and happiness.

I am love.

I choose to radiate great love from all bodies

In this time I must allow total surrender to the source, for it guides me with love. The universe only wants to see my ascension with open, loving arms.

I am in the harmonies state of allowing.

I choose now to totally trust the Divinity of the plan set forth for me. I must go through any and all challenges because this is part of who I am.

My path will draw me toward the unexpected

But I am not worried, I am in a way, excited

I find joy in overcoming challenges, and I have seen how they help me evolve.

I am evolution.

I am Love

I am divinity

I have given up resistance to my mission. May it draw me close and create the person I have been manifesting

During this new moon I choose to allow in the unexpected. May it strengthen me and guide me closer to the life I deserve

This is the way of New Earth.

not how I imagine it to be.

But instead IT is the ME that shifts and changes.

Moment to moment….I am shifting and changing.

I already exist in the many variations of the so-called future.

YET I am here NOW also.

Transforming aspects of my Consciousness that allow me to awaken to

Being my own Divine Ascended Being.

What I feel that I want to gain, is in fact,

THAT which I am in the process of expanding into.

This is beyond what I can imagine now.

When fully in the constant state of expansion, it will be the life beyond my wildest dreams.

Transformation is taking place Now.

I am evolution.

I am Love

I am divinity

I have given up resistance to my mission. May it draw me close and create the person I have been manifesting

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