New Meditation Now Available

This is a guided meditation with binaural audio, the 528hz tone, as well as natural jungle and drum sounds. For ease, I’ve posted the track to Soundcloud and the manuscript below. Enjoy


Find a quiet place to lie down or sit with your back straight
Take a few moments to get comfortable
Take an awareness of your breathing
Inhaling through the nose, filling your lungs with air
And slowly exhaling, through the mouth
Let the sound of the drum bring you to center
As you close you eyes, and begin to clear your mind
And enter into an ancient forest. One you’ve never seen anything like, and yet everything feels familiar
Imagine a white light stretching out from the universe
Down onto the crown of your head and flowing down the center midline of your body
As you inhale, this light glows and fills your physical body with energy
As you exhale, it pulls away your thoughts, and any negative energy that does not serve you
Continuing to breathe in a circular fashion, as you begin attracting the energy of this ancient forest
In your body, in your essence, become one with the life-force all around you
“I am pure energy in human form
I resonate at the frequency of love 
I am healing, I am compassion
I am perfect in every way
It was my choice to come to this earth at this exact time
And in this journey through life my mission is to ascend
I exist in physical form and in spiritual form simultaneously 
For it is through both realms that I can vibrate manifestations 
Into existence
I am capable of bringing into my reality
Everything that I desire, simply by thought and feeling
The perfect blending of both worlds. 
It is the greatest gift, to be able to create peace and love within my mind
And allow those feelings to vibrate from me, and create a reality that matches that of my thoughts
This power is so incredible that I have hidden it from myself in every incarnation
Because I know discovering it is so deliciously perfect
It is now that I awaken to my true power
My true essence
Connected to source energy at all times
I bring light from the universe into my being
Filling me with energy 
I can feel my physical body reacting to it
Proving to my conscious mind that this is my reality
I create reality
And I love the process
I love being alive, for there are so many blessings all around
And everything that has happened to me in this life
No matter how good or bad
It happened for a reason. a reason that brings me to a higher vibration
The universe always knows. The universe always gives me exactly what I need
Because it knows my truest intentions, even before I do
In this moment now I wish to focus on my intentions. 
I wish to manifest into my life, happiness
Love, and healing energy.
I now manifest into my life all that I truly desire
There are no limits
There are no rules here
My power is endless
For I am created from the universe
The seed of all life

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