The importance of being “Content Focused”

This term “content focused” is going to be used on the microscope and the macro scale both for operations within the company as well as the ideal approach one can take when designing your own custom meditation. In this post, I’m going to cover the differences in scale(Micro vs. Macro) and the relationship it takes for you as well as for EE.

Before I do any of that I want to define content and also focus. Content for me, is having options for you. not just in what I offer but in how to gain access to those things. Meditation and audio designed for it can be a very personal thing and the quest for such a thing is even more personal. So, in an effort to streamline that process- I’m going to be adding more and more content to this site to make a more fluid connection, thus allowing you to really break the barriers on what can be imagined.

I want to focus my abilities to enhance audio where it matters most. And it all starts with the individual. Your experience of meditation and the audio I’m able to provide will alter your perception of your days, and far beyond that. Being that I am focused on the positive, empowering, growth aspect of change it’s a safe bet that all of these desires are emphasized into my work.

On a micro scale, Im going to add a listing of binaural frequencies at short intervals to listen to. For those that have never known the term until reading it here, a binaural frequency is actually two separate frequencies directed at the Left and Right ear separately. They can be ANY frequency you wish, but the magic happens within the difference between the two selections. There’s a lot of room to create some very beneficial and healing effects from an auditory standpoint. And I want you to be able to understand, in order to take full advantage of this power. I will be doing the same with several Sofleggio Tones as well. More to come later on this week!

As always, thanks for reading and taking time to see what this is all about. If you’d like more information directly, or have questions please email me directly at



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