Hunter’s Moon Meditation

I created a hunter’s moon meditation for anyone who feels as if they are going through challenging times. We are being bombarded with frequencies and feelings and associations from media in amounts far greater than the past. With this harvest moon approaching, it gives us an opportunity to recharge and regain our inner strength to continue to proceed with love as a foundation, and with empathy as a foundation for all that you do in this lifetime.

The meditation is 4:32 in length, and has a few things going on within it. I have a 110Hz frequency tuned in for power through the physical body with a 2Hz binaural audio for the purpose of nerve regeneration. according to these were the scientific findings when playing this binaural frequency. So one would assume the ability to “feel” from the physical plane is enhanced. From personal experience I did in fact feel more all around from my physical body.

I also have 432Hz mid way through with a binaural 7Hz. 432Hz is known as the healing frequency and also activates the crown chakra for intuition. I chose the 7Hz Binaural frequency here because it falls in the Theta range of consciousness wherein the abilities to recall, imagine, and dream are all enhanced.

Finally, to follow from midway to the end is a very low 528Hz tone for spiritual connectivity to the source energy that surrounds us all. The setting created for all of this is designed to be sitting around a campfire just at the entrance of a cave, overlooking a forest at night.

The ideas behind this meditation are that I wish that everyone who entertains this audio listens with an open heart, as well as an image of the moments over overcoming whatever challenge they may face. It can be literally anything, and I feel this meditation will be able to help summon the inner power within you to take on this month and the rest of the year in amazing ways.

Thank you for listening!

It’s best to listen to this audio with headphones on in a place you will not be disturbed for the its duration. please do not use this audio or interpret the concepts as medical treatment as this is design strictly for personalized use. This audio was created using Logic 9.0.

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