November 4th Full Moon comes with Romance in Mind

Full Moon Romance


The full moon November 2017 astrology chart above shows Venus at 25°55′ Libra even closer to these lucky stars. This means the next two weeks of this spiritual moon phase offers you friendship, love and romance – but only if you are patient, open-minded and flexible.

Venus opposite Uranus is exact only 20 minutes before the full moon. This usually signals a change in your love life. If you already have a partner, an unexpected event may cause tension. It may be that your need for a change or excitement in the bedroom is rejected. A healthy relationships would endure such transgressions and a permanent separation would be unlikely. An affair at this time would more likely lead to a rapid separation.

If dating, a new romance now would be exciting but possibly short-lived. Whatever your situation, if love is not an option then change and excitement can manifest in another area of life. Financial windfalls are possible but you should be careful taking risks with money.

The combined influence of a very spiritual full moon and a very lucky Venus means you can connect at a deeply spiritual level with your partner and loved ones. This romantic full moon is the perfect time to fall in love and find your true soul mate.

If Full Moon November 2017 directly impacts your Sign and Decan you can read about it in your free Weekly Horoscope and Monthly Horoscope. For more detail about how it affects your natal chart see Full Moon Transits.
Previous Moon Phase: New Moon 19 October 2017
Next Moon Phase: New Moon 18 November 2017

Full Moon November 2017 Times and Dates

Los Angeles
New York
SydneyNovember 3 – 10:22 pm
November 4 – 1:22 am
November 4 – 6:22 am
November 4 – 10:52 am
November 4 – 3:22 pm

1. Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1971, p.59.

Full Moon Meaning

A full moon is the Sun opposite Moon which highlights opposing forces or polarities in your life. These can include your ego versus emotions, your work versus home, or what you need versus what you want. Inner tension and external pressures can lead to conflict and crises that drain your energy.

The lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a full moon. Use your increased emotional strength and intuition to overcome any challenges. Subconscious awareness allows for a balanced look at your personal relationships. You will clearly see any relationship dynamics or negative feelings causing disharmony.

The full moon has a relationship to the previous new moon on October 19. Your goals from that new moon can now be fine-tuned or completed, it is harvest time. It is time to make emotional adjustments in response to your new moon goals. The effects of the November 4 full moon last for two weeks up to the November 18 new moon.


Astrology should matter to you, here’s why

By studying your birth chart in some detail, that is looking at the exact time you were born and where the planets were positioned as you entered the world, astrologers are able to predict your reactions and behavior.

Astrology has long been important in human life and dates back to ancient times. It was introduced to Greece from the Babylonians who used it to guide their culture and daily lives, and the Greeks finely tuned the art of astrology into the form we still use today.

Astrology horoscopes apply the study of stars and planets and their orbits and the influence they have on human behaviour.


The zodiac is made up of 12 different signs, these are, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

In fact there is a direct relation: basically we have the planets right within us, in our chakras.

Let me explain it a bit better: there is a direct connection between the planets and our astral (energy) body, which is the matrix of our physical body. That relationship occurs specifically with the chakras. (I am assuming you know some astral anatomy, in which the chakras are central.)

The characteristics of the zodiac signs create elements for typical personality and behavior.

It is believed our behaviour is particularly affected according to the position of the moon to the sun and other stars and planets.

By studying your birth chart in some detail, that is looking at the exact time you were born and where the planets were positioned as you entered the world, astrologers are able to predict your reactions and behavior.


Astrologers can uncover the nuances of the human psyche and can anticipate events that impact on human affairs.

This brings us to Vedic Astrology, which “evolved, as yoga did, in a more spiritual age. It is really but an extension of the inner yoga science and its ‘zodiac’ of the spinal centers. The constellations and planets were considered in ancient times to express, objectively deep subjective truths of man’s nature.” (from The Art and Science of Raja Yoga).

Plainly put: the planets in your Vedic Horoscope are an exact picture of the situation of your chakras. And what is in your chakras determines what you are in your body, mind, and soul. The planets, therefore, describe the entire human being.

So, one by one:

  • Saturn represents your first chakra, the muladhara chakra (earth element).
  • Jupiter represents your second chakra, the svadistana chakra (water element).
  • Mars represents your third chakra, the manicure chakra (fire element).
  • Venus represents your fourth chakra, the anahata chakra (air element).
  • Mercury represents your fifth chakra, the vishuddha chakra (ether element).
  • The moon represents your sixth chakra, the negative pole of the age chakra(here enters the AUM, “Holy Spirit”, into the body).
  • The sun represents your sixth chakra, the positive pole of age chakra(Christ Consciousness, “the Son“).
  • The last chakras, sahasrara, is beyond all planets, and holds Cosmic Consciousness, “the Father“.

People consult astrologers for guidance particularly related to topics such as career, relationships and finances.

Love astrology is particularly popular in determining what sort of person someone is best suited to romantically.

It is thought that if the sun has a strong position in your astrological chart then you will have strong leadership skills. This is based on the fact that the sun is the only source of light in the Milky Way and, as the sun gives energy to the other planets, the sun signifies power, strength and authority.

The moon may have the strongest position in your chart and if this is so astrologers believe you will for example have good nurturing skills, sensitivity to others’ needs and will be very creative and intuitive.

Your rising sign is also important in determining your nature and behaviour. It depends what this sign is and how your sun, moon and rising sign fit together to enhance your personality.   Your sun sign is your personality type, your moon sign is your emotional core and your rising sign is your outer self the way your present yourself to the world.

Special New Moon meditation…with intense after effects

I created this meditation in honor of the new moon, but didn’t realize when it was finished how intense it would actually be. CAUTION: This meditation will affect you in powerful ways. For me, I noticed my heart beat climbed from in the 50-55bpm range up to 93 bpm, as well as afterward I felt strangely renewed and more…powerful? Play this at your own risk! AS always, listening with headphones on will give you the best experience.

For this meditation I used 396Hz and 405Hz to create a binaural beat of 9Hz – right in the Alpha Wave category. Increasing alpha brain waves can stimulate creativity and minimize depression. Also, the tone 396Hz is both a Solfeggio frequency AND the resonant tone of the Sacral Chakra, which is what this new moon is most speaking to. The October 19th New Moon falls in the sign of Libra and will be calling on all of us to find balance in our lives.

The 70Hz tone is special. By resonating with the 70 Hz range, users will be able to pull themselves into their own minds and experience intense meditative and dreamlike states similar to those experienced by Shamans. We recommend using this frequency in an environment where users wish to connect with their own thought processes and examine their identities outside of the physical world we live in.

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 7.19.10 PM

Please enjoy tonight’s dedicated meditation.  The affirmations for it are listen below:

During this planet’s new moon I feel the greatness take ahold of my spiritual being where I begin to download the knowledge of the universe

Who I am is infinite and without the binds of time,

I choose to be within this physical body at this very time.

I have done this for a reason I may know now, or have chosen to allow myself to discover during this lifetime.

Here in this now, I am receiving the very glory of wealth, honor, and abundance when and only when I choose to allow the unexpected into my physical reality.

This requires me to give up ideas and beliefs of how things should look externally

and completely trust my Higher Divine Light.

I can feel my Divine light every time I revel in the emotion of love and happiness.

I am love.

I choose to radiate great love from all bodies

In this time I must allow total surrender to the source, for it guides me with love. The universe only wants to see my ascension with open, loving arms.

I am in the harmonies state of allowing.

I choose now to totally trust the Divinity of the plan set forth for me. I must go through any and all challenges because this is part of who I am.

My path will draw me toward the unexpected

But I am not worried, I am in a way, excited

I find joy in overcoming challenges, and I have seen how they help me evolve.

I am evolution.

I am Love

I am divinity

I have given up resistance to my mission. May it draw me close and create the person I have been manifesting

During this new moon I choose to allow in the unexpected. May it strengthen me and guide me closer to the life I deserve

This is the way of New Earth.

not how I imagine it to be.

But instead IT is the ME that shifts and changes.

Moment to moment….I am shifting and changing.

I already exist in the many variations of the so-called future.

YET I am here NOW also.

Transforming aspects of my Consciousness that allow me to awaken to

Being my own Divine Ascended Being.

What I feel that I want to gain, is in fact,

THAT which I am in the process of expanding into.

This is beyond what I can imagine now.

When fully in the constant state of expansion, it will be the life beyond my wildest dreams.

Transformation is taking place Now.

I am evolution.

I am Love

I am divinity

I have given up resistance to my mission. May it draw me close and create the person I have been manifesting

New Meditation Now Available

This is a guided meditation with binaural audio, the 528hz tone, as well as natural jungle and drum sounds. For ease, I’ve posted the track to Soundcloud and the manuscript below. Enjoy


Find a quiet place to lie down or sit with your back straight
Take a few moments to get comfortable
Take an awareness of your breathing
Inhaling through the nose, filling your lungs with air
And slowly exhaling, through the mouth
Let the sound of the drum bring you to center
As you close you eyes, and begin to clear your mind
And enter into an ancient forest. One you’ve never seen anything like, and yet everything feels familiar
Imagine a white light stretching out from the universe
Down onto the crown of your head and flowing down the center midline of your body
As you inhale, this light glows and fills your physical body with energy
As you exhale, it pulls away your thoughts, and any negative energy that does not serve you
Continuing to breathe in a circular fashion, as you begin attracting the energy of this ancient forest
In your body, in your essence, become one with the life-force all around you
“I am pure energy in human form
I resonate at the frequency of love 
I am healing, I am compassion
I am perfect in every way
It was my choice to come to this earth at this exact time
And in this journey through life my mission is to ascend
I exist in physical form and in spiritual form simultaneously 
For it is through both realms that I can vibrate manifestations 
Into existence
I am capable of bringing into my reality
Everything that I desire, simply by thought and feeling
The perfect blending of both worlds. 
It is the greatest gift, to be able to create peace and love within my mind
And allow those feelings to vibrate from me, and create a reality that matches that of my thoughts
This power is so incredible that I have hidden it from myself in every incarnation
Because I know discovering it is so deliciously perfect
It is now that I awaken to my true power
My true essence
Connected to source energy at all times
I bring light from the universe into my being
Filling me with energy 
I can feel my physical body reacting to it
Proving to my conscious mind that this is my reality
I create reality
And I love the process
I love being alive, for there are so many blessings all around
And everything that has happened to me in this life
No matter how good or bad
It happened for a reason. a reason that brings me to a higher vibration
The universe always knows. The universe always gives me exactly what I need
Because it knows my truest intentions, even before I do
In this moment now I wish to focus on my intentions. 
I wish to manifest into my life, happiness
Love, and healing energy.
I now manifest into my life all that I truly desire
There are no limits
There are no rules here
My power is endless
For I am created from the universe
The seed of all life

Are you subject to harmful frequencies?

Sound frequencies are anywhere and everywhere, vibrating and resonating out all the time. The definition of frequency itself is the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit time. It is also referred to as temporal frequency, which emphasizes the contrast to spatial frequency and angular frequency. The period is the duration of time of one cycle in a repeating event, so the period is the reciprocal of the frequency. To put it another way, there are an endless range of frequencies both audible and inaudible to the human ear.

Humans can generally hear the range between 20Hz (very low bass) to 20,000Hz ( very high pitch), and with age, this range decreases. Also, with things like volume, over exposure, and generally poor respect for the human auditory system, you will experience a decrease sense of hearing sounds. But the frequency still exists. And we are still subject to them. ALL of them. And that’s what this article is focused on.

” Establishing the effect of sounds with frequencies under about 250 Hz has been harder. Even though they’re above the lower limit of 20 Hz, these low-frequency sounds tend to be either inaudible or barely audible, and people don’t always know when they’re exposed to them.” – says audiology researcher Jeffery Lichtenhan of the Washington University School of Medicine in in St. Louis

Scientific evidence of this is certainly hard to establish. Not only is it still a relatively difficult topic to test, but also we would need to test solely humans to make discoveries.

Animals can hear the bulk of sounds we hear, however each animal typically has either an expanded lower or higher end frequency of hearing.

According to the Working Paper on Infrasound Weapons produced by Hungary for the United Nations in 1978, the frequency that is thought to be most dangerous to humans is between 7 and 8Hz. This is the resonant frequency of flesh and, theoretically, it can rupture internal organs if loud enough. 7hz is also the average frequency of the brain’s alpha rhythms; thus this frequency has been described as dangerous but also relaxing.

Other people says that 1khz and 4khz are regarded as the most dangerous frequency areas to the human ear. The ear amplifies the 4khz area the most (due to evolutionary factors e.g. babies crying) so be careful around that but 1khz is considered to be the most physically damaging frequency to the ear.

Shorter frequencies contain more energy for their amplitude, but don’t travel so well through a medium, largely because the energy tends to be transferred into the medium. Hence the ability to use low-powered ultrasound to visualize areas of the human body.


The military use of infrasound weapons is used to penetrate solid objects, such as armor or bunkers. Bass goes right through things, it’s hard to stop (because it doesn’t transfer its energy easily). High frequencies have less penetration, but more energy for the amplitude. You need a lot of volume to produce damage with bass, 184dB is considered the threshold for nuking mice with sub-bass / sonar.

Photo By: Unknown – Acoustic Hailing Devices (AHD) project intelligible speech out to extended ranges. A number of devices created by various manufacturers are in use throughout the Department of Defense. In addition to long range projection of speech for warning or instructional purposes, the devices are also capable of transmitting loud tones that can distract or deter personnel from approaching U.S. positions or vessels.             

If misused, high frequencies and contact transducers would be very destructive. The ear is the most sound-sensitive part of the human body, so audible frequency sounds that damage the ear are the primary source of hazards. However, just deafening people isn’t fatal, if you’re talking about severe harm, as in weapons, other methods will be more valid.

The two primary things with destructive potential that would happen due to sound waves are

#1: kinetic – movement of tissues (as in infrasonic weapons, also the ear drum, inner ear etc.)
#2: thermal – necrotic changes to tissues (as in ultrasonic surgery)

There is also the argument that a single shockwave, a transient – as in a bomb going off – is probably the most commonly used acoustic phenomenon for causing harm to people. That is not a frequency, just a wavefront, and it will strike up resonances in anything it meets.

Maybe you’ve seen this in the news recently, but destructive sonic weapons are a real thing. The Independent ( released this article putting the US at the helm of use of a sonic weapon attack Read the full article here.


The information used for this article has been found on websites, forums and the like. Do not take this as official medical information. Thank you for reading and please comment your thoughts on this post directly below. Namaste




What does sound look like?

I found this incredible video about how sound looks, put out by NPR. it’s 2:30 min and really gives you an idea of the effects of how a sound’s vibration impacting air and the energy around it. check it out:


You can actually see sound waves as they travel through the air thanks to a clever photographic trick. Twitter: @cadamole @nprscience Produced by Adam Cole Hands shot by Meg Vogel Schlieren images provided by Mike Hargather ( Amber Kates Bobby Gold J. W. Tang, A. Nicolle and J. Pantelic MUSIC: “Eileen” by Lee Rosevere…

The importance of being “Content Focused”

This term “content focused” is going to be used on the microscope and the macro scale both for operations within the company as well as the ideal approach one can take when designing your own custom meditation. In this post, I’m going to cover the differences in scale(Micro vs. Macro) and the relationship it takes for you as well as for EE.

Before I do any of that I want to define content and also focus. Content for me, is having options for you. not just in what I offer but in how to gain access to those things. Meditation and audio designed for it can be a very personal thing and the quest for such a thing is even more personal. So, in an effort to streamline that process- I’m going to be adding more and more content to this site to make a more fluid connection, thus allowing you to really break the barriers on what can be imagined.

I want to focus my abilities to enhance audio where it matters most. And it all starts with the individual. Your experience of meditation and the audio I’m able to provide will alter your perception of your days, and far beyond that. Being that I am focused on the positive, empowering, growth aspect of change it’s a safe bet that all of these desires are emphasized into my work.

On a micro scale, Im going to add a listing of binaural frequencies at short intervals to listen to. For those that have never known the term until reading it here, a binaural frequency is actually two separate frequencies directed at the Left and Right ear separately. They can be ANY frequency you wish, but the magic happens within the difference between the two selections. There’s a lot of room to create some very beneficial and healing effects from an auditory standpoint. And I want you to be able to understand, in order to take full advantage of this power. I will be doing the same with several Sofleggio Tones as well. More to come later on this week!

As always, thanks for reading and taking time to see what this is all about. If you’d like more information directly, or have questions please email me directly at



40 HZ Healing, Scientifically proven

This work adduces experimental and simulated data to show that what meditation masters have in common is the ability to put the brain into a state in which it is maximally sensitive.

Often in society it goes without saying that medical and scientific studies are ahead of the mainstream curve. This, however is what sounds like an ancient science that we are just now catching up on.

40Hz. A Low Bass quality frequency, while famed for it’s place in powerful down beats in the music industry, is also very usual for reversing effects on a number of illnesses. In one study in Ontario, patients suffering from fibromyalgia say signs of improvement after listening to just 23 minutes of a 40Hz tone while sitting upright(1). In another study in Toronto, patients who suffered mild to severe Alzheimer’s where subject to a chair with speakers built in pulsing out this 40Hz tone and, after 30 minutes it was reported that patients were engaging in more thoughtful conversation and memory seemed to improve (2). Even in 2009, an article was published about an Arizona University seeing evidence of sound vibration repairing brain tissue (3)

So what is it about this particular tone?

40Hz is among the Gamma Waves (not gamma rays) frequencies ranging from 25Hz-100Hz

Experiments on Tibetan Buddhist monks have shown a correlation between transcendental mental states and gamma waves.A suggested explanation is based on the fact that the gamma is intrinsically localized. Neuroscientist Sean O’Nuallain suggests that this very existence of synchronized gamma indicates that something akin to a singularity – or, to be more prosaic, a conscious experience – is occurring(4).This work adduces experimental and simulated data to show that what meditation masters have in common is the ability to put the brain into a state in which it is maximally sensitive.

It appears as though this frequency allows us to become consciously and unconsciously more aware. And some theories provide evidence that gamma waves allow our brains to more information in more parts of our brain with less conscience energy, ranging in feats from higher intelligence, to self healing properties, to increased happiness, to even enhanced awareness through your five senses(5)

In the world of science, not enough testing has fully concluded this proposal. In fact Science has turned its focus from Gamma waves for the time being. But since when does evolution wait for science? Especially if there hasn’t been any harmful studies shown in regards to this concept? Can we really expect the world we live in to all of a sudden reveal that we can self heal and enhance ourselves through sound vibration?

You Decide.



Written by Patrick Bosse






Hunter’s Moon Meditation

I created a hunter’s moon meditation for anyone who feels as if they are going through challenging times. We are being bombarded with frequencies and feelings and associations from media in amounts far greater than the past. With this harvest moon approaching, it gives us an opportunity to recharge and regain our inner strength to continue to proceed with love as a foundation, and with empathy as a foundation for all that you do in this lifetime.

The meditation is 4:32 in length, and has a few things going on within it. I have a 110Hz frequency tuned in for power through the physical body with a 2Hz binaural audio for the purpose of nerve regeneration. according to these were the scientific findings when playing this binaural frequency. So one would assume the ability to “feel” from the physical plane is enhanced. From personal experience I did in fact feel more all around from my physical body.

I also have 432Hz mid way through with a binaural 7Hz. 432Hz is known as the healing frequency and also activates the crown chakra for intuition. I chose the 7Hz Binaural frequency here because it falls in the Theta range of consciousness wherein the abilities to recall, imagine, and dream are all enhanced.

Finally, to follow from midway to the end is a very low 528Hz tone for spiritual connectivity to the source energy that surrounds us all. The setting created for all of this is designed to be sitting around a campfire just at the entrance of a cave, overlooking a forest at night.

The ideas behind this meditation are that I wish that everyone who entertains this audio listens with an open heart, as well as an image of the moments over overcoming whatever challenge they may face. It can be literally anything, and I feel this meditation will be able to help summon the inner power within you to take on this month and the rest of the year in amazing ways.

Thank you for listening!

It’s best to listen to this audio with headphones on in a place you will not be disturbed for the its duration. please do not use this audio or interpret the concepts as medical treatment as this is design strictly for personalized use. This audio was created using Logic 9.0.